In house committee

The ELA In House Committee is established to represent and focus on the interests of the ELA membership who work in house.

The Committee is made up of volunteers from ELA’s membership, all of whom work in house in the public or private sector. It is chaired by the elected In House Representative, who also sits on the ELA Management Committee.

Its specific aims are:

  • To establish the needs of the in house members in relation to ELA and seek to meet those needs, with a focus on provision of  targeted personal and professional development and training, networking and opportunities to get involved in ELA’s work on legislative and policy developments.
  • To represent the interests of the in house membership within ELA.
  • To encourage community and support between in-house ELA members and more broadly between in house ELA members and the rest of the ELA membership.
  • To encourage the participation of in house ELA members in the work of ELA and promote awareness amongst the ELA in house membership of the opportunities and resources offered by ELA to all its members.

The Committee will use this page, along with the LinkedIn ELA In House Group, to publish details about specific events or initiatives for in house members.

The LinkedIn ELA In House Group is a private group for the sole use of ELA in house members, to provide a secure discussion forum. The group is moderated to ensure only those who work in house are members. We encourage ELA in house members to join.

Please email us any ideas/feedback for in house initiatives you would like to see from ELA, or if you are interested in joining the In House Committee.

In House Committee

Chair: Paul Singh, National Education Union

Sarah Dodds, Medical Defence Sheifl Limited
Zoe Dudgeon, Government Legal Department
Vidhya Jayarajah, Buckinghamshire Council
Ajay Khandhar, Canva
Anne MacFarlane, Glasgow City Council
Vikki Montgomery, Sodexo
Ken Morrison, St George’s University of the Arts London
Grazia Pac, Financial Ombudsman Service
Katie Selves, Gattaca PLC
Lorrelee Traynor, NHS Wales
Michael Whitbread, HSBC