ELA warns of the Effects of the EU Revocation and Reformation Bill


Download Briefing paper here (PDF format)

ELA’s role is not to comment on the political merits or otherwise of proposed legislation. Policy decisions are for Government and the policy debate is for politicians and not for the expert employment lawyers who make up the membership of ELA. A Standing Committee, chaired by Louise Taft, was set up by the Legislative and Policy Committee of ELA to comment on issues arising from the UK leaving the EU, from which a Working Party was formed to consider the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill which we shall just call The Bill. The members of the Working Party are listed at the end of this linked paper and include experienced partners from solicitors’ firms and a KC. This document is a briefing paper. It is not an exhaustive analysis of the Bill. It aims to inform those who are not employment law experts the effect of Bill employment rights and obligations. The policy choices are for the Government. ELA does not enter the policy field. However, we aim to inform and explain to legislators, workers, employers and business of the effects, intended or not, of the Bill.

ELA’s response to a Parliamentary Committee’s Call for Written Evidence on EU Revocation and Reformation Bill

Download Briefing paper here (PDF format)

In response to a Parliamentary Committee’s Call for Written Evidence on the Bill the L&P Committee has updated its paper on the Bill. The updated paper:

  • includes a new Appendix 1, which set out in more detail the provisions of the Bill and its potential consequences.
  • Appendix 2 a broader review of the legislation affected although it is only illustrative and far from a comprehensive review given the time available.
  • Appendix 3 we have taken key areas that may be affected by the Bill and analysed, in more detail, the consequences of the Bill (we have added sections dealing with Atypical Workers, Collective Consultation, Discrimination, Parental Leave and Pregnant Workers).

This paper has sent to the Parliamentary Committee which will be scrutinising the Bill at the Committee Stage of its passage through Parliament. We will alert members on any developments we hear concerning the Bill.