ET User Groups

ELA has a committee of representatives on all of the ET User Groups around the UK to co-ordinate the issues raised at User Group meetings across the regions, for the benefit of all ELA members.  Our principle aim as representatives at the user group meetings is to represent the views of our members to try and ensure that their concerns are dealt with at a Regional level.

We aim to meet quarterly to discuss issues that arise or are happening in the regions and use that to inform our representations on the National User Group Forum. The Tribunals also use these meetings to provide information and messages to members which can assist information sharing. 

If you have specific issues or concerns that you want us to raise in relation to a particular region or nationally then please send us a message.

You are welcome to join User Group meetings as well.  You can also check forthcoming user group meetings around the UK here by the following the link below.

Forthcoming user group meetings
User group meeting minutes are now posted centrally and can be accessed below:

Employment tribunal national and regional user group minutes