Feedback on the ELIPS scheme from volunteers and litigants

Feedback from volunteers

My day of volunteering on the ELIPS scheme was hugely rewarding and eye opening. I came away feeling that not only had I done some good and helped people who really needed it, but I also had a better understanding of how the Tribunal worked on a day to day basis and I made some great contacts too. I left with a spring in my step and looking forward to the next session.

I really enjoyed the day and think that the scheme is an excellent way to help people who really need it.  The two individuals that I advised were in pretty desperate situations and really needed help.  Being able to provide that help (albeit limited), not only added great value and reassurance to them, but was very gratifying personally.

I really enjoyed yesterday. I spent most of the day opposing a strike out application on numerous issues in a complicated whistle blowing, victimisation, discrimination dismissal case and making an application to amend. We were successful on just about every issue and the client was very happy with our help.

I really enjoyed my day as an ELIPS volunteer – the scheme was well organised and really did make a difference.  In one of the cases, we were able to assist a severely disabled claimant who was struggling to get to grips with the procedural rules on tribunal claims and were able to provide her representation at a preliminary hearing.  I would highly recommend the scheme to anyone interested in taking part.

Feedback from litigants

Great advice to help with difficult points on the day towards the end of my merits hearing

Very reassuring during a stressful time

Very helpful, it has clarified a lot of things for ET proceedings and interacting with the legal system

Thank you for the assistance, it helped me approach Monday's hearing with greater clarity and prepare relevant documents and statements

Very helpful in managing my reasonable expectations and how to prepare statement and bundle in line with expectations

Extremely helpful and clear. Provided alternative channels of assisting