We comment on the issues from the perspectives of both employees/claimants and employers/respondents, with our focus being on supporting and creating law that works.

We have no political agenda and because of this our views are actively sought and respected by Government and other organisations in the employment law field.

The articles below are a combination of those written directly by ELA members and those written by others, but in which ELA members are quoted.


The Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) is concerned that allowing lower courts and tribunals to depart from retained EU law will lead to uncertainty.

By Louise Taft, member of ELA Legislative & Policy Committee
HR Magazine
31 January 2020

Employment lawyers lead the way on "equitable briefing"

Litigation Futures
31 January 2020

Diversity at the Bar: law firms challenged to report gender instructions

The Lawyer (£)
23 January 2020

EU Withdrawal Bill will complicate employment law within the workplace

Global Recruiter
17 January 2020

EU Withdrawal Bill – Employment Lawyers Association draws attention to the potential impact of uncertainty on UK workplaces
17 January 2020

Employment tribunals: room for improvement?

Claims in the employment tribunals have increased, but is justice being delivered?
By Shantha David, member of ELA Legislative & Policy Committee
New Law Journal
10 October 2019

Delays, cancellations, shortage of judges

A survey of employment lawyers has painted a bleak picture of the state of justice in employment tribunals
Report on survey of ELA members about employment tribunal administrative resource, conducted by ELA
New Law Journal

1 July 2019

Employment tribunals “suffering from lack of resources”

The employment tribunal system is still not coping with the increased demands on it since fees were abolished in 2017, with lawyers reporting that delays have worsened from an already parlous state a year ago.
Litigation Futures
1 July 2019

Employment tribunals beset by delays and transfers

The employment tribunal system is still hamstrung by a lack of judicial and administrative resources, nearly two years after fees were scrapped, leading to a potential “loss of confidence in the rule of law”
Personnel Today
28 June 2019

Employment tribunals ‘failing to cope’ with rise in cases

Two years after the government was forced to scrap fees for employment law cases tribunals are struggling to cope with the increased workload, lawyers have said
The Times
28 June 2019

Employment tribunals delayed by months after scrapping of fees

Employment tribunals are still being delayed by several months and courts are not responding to calls, solicitors have told the Gazette.
Law Society Gazette
27 June 2019

On the beat: positive action in practice

The first employment tribunal ruling on positive action poses problems for employers
By Paul McFarlane, Chair of ELA Legislative & Policy Committee
New Law Journal (£)
June 2019

Brexit: Workers’ rights at risk after Britain’s exit from the EU

The end of ECJ oversight and potential deregulation could mean weaker rights for UK workers post-Brexit
By Shubha Banerjee and Louise Taft, Co-chairs of ELA Brexit Working Party
Employment Law Journal (£)
May 2019

Is your business abiding by minimum wage rules?

Employers must ensure they don’t fall foul of the sometimes complex national minimum wage rules
By Stephen Ratcliffe, Co-chair of ELA Working Party on Off-payroll working rules
People Management
8 May 2019

New laws are needed to improve the diversity of our workplaces

Employers face too many legal hurdles when attempting to promote disadvantaged groups
By Paul McFarlane, Chair of ELA Legislative & Policy Committee
The Times (£)
22 March 2019

Brexit risks for workers

Employment lawyers warn of ‘significant impact’ of loss of EU guidance
New Law Journal
27 February 2019

Brexit threatens ‘biggest upset in employment law’ the UK has seen, lawyers warn

Divergence between UK and EU legislation likely to weaken workers’ rights and cause confusion as courts struggle to reinterpret laws
People Management
27 February 2019

Tackling sexual harassment in the workplace

It’s time for lawyers to contribute to the debate on confidentiality agreements
By Juliet Carp, Chair of Employment Lawyers Association (2018-20)
New Law Journal
21 February 2019

MOJ reports record year for successful claims at tribunal courts

A government scheme to prevent ‘unmeritorious claims’ in the employment tribunal court has gathered further proof it was unfair and unlawful in the four years it was in place
Safety Managment
12 November 2018

More than 3,300 tribunals postponed at short notice in just eight months

Last-minute delays leading to increased ‘dissatisfaction’ and ‘distress’, say lawyers
People Management 
21 August 2018 

How has the abolition of tribunal fees affected businesses?

The results of a recent employment lawyers survey are troubling
By Richard Fox, member of ELA Legislative & Policy Committee
People Management   
24 May 2018

New judges to be hired to tackle employment case backlog

Financial Times (£) 
18 June 2018

Tribunals: how to keep your business out of court

With employment tribunal cases increasing by 90 per cent since fees were abolished, how will the system cope, and what can employers do to stay out of the firing line?
People Management 
26 April 2018

Employment tribunals face 'months' of delay, lawyers claim

Employment tribunals continue to be beset with delays, including in the average time taken to deal with the first stage of the litigation process and for parties receiving judgments, employment lawyers have claimed.
Law Society Gazette  
25 April 2018

Tribunals gridlocked by surge in claims

A Supreme Court ruling which scrapped high tribunal fees has led to a surge in claims that is threatening to paralyse the system
The Times (£) 
23 April 2018

Are we heading for an employment tribunals crisis?

The Supreme Court’s decision to abolish tribunal fees has led to a stark rise in the number of claims coming through – and the system is struggling to cope.
People Management
5 March 2018