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Employment-Related Securities and Unlisted Companies (3rd edition)
Ken Moody, CTA (fellow)

This book explains the tax implications of employee share awards by private companies, including completion of form 42, restricted securities, share options (approved and unapproved), CGT and PAYE/NIC issues and corporation tax relief. The expanded second edition features detailed commentary on EMI options and includes two EMI option agreement precedents. New chapters have also been added covering CSOP, internationally mobile employees and practical discussion of valuation of ERS.

Paperback     £59.95
9781907444722 | 408 pages Published: September 2017

Electronic book text  £59.95
9781907444906 | 408 pages Published: September 2017

Employee Reward Structures (6th edition)
Jackie Anderson
Updated 2017/18.
This is a comprehensive guide to the tax treatment of executive reward packages, from recruitment to termination. Includes a comprehensive glossary of terms, checklists and flowcharts.
The sixth edition contains analysis of: the following changes:

  • Taxation of pensions contributions, cap on tax relief for contributions, additional rate relief restriction, alignment of pension input periods, reduction in lifetime allowance, freedom to draw down lump sums
  • Termination payments Significant proposed changes in treatment
  • Employee Benefit Trusts: Important case law developments (Murray Group Holdings)
  • Employee Shareholder Shares: Changes to the relief and proposal to end agreements
  • Employee Share Plans: Streamlining and Self-certification
  • Benefits in kind: Removal of ‘lower-paid employee’ status

Includes complete work on CD-ROM (with cross-references and website resources hyperlinked) with the printed book.
Category: Employment, Pay & Pension, Tax

Paperback £125.00
978191015138984 pages Published July 2017

PDF £125.00
9781910151396484 pages Published July 2017

Equality and Anti-Discrimination and other anti-discrimination protections
Dr Mark Butler, University of Lancaster

Paperback      £34.95/€47.50/$59.95 ISBN 9781907444470
Ebook             £34.95/€47.50/$59.95 ISBN 9781907444562
Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law covers The Equality Act 2010 and other anti-discrimination protections both within the UK legislation and in the context of EU law.

About the author:
Dr. Mark Butler is Lecturer in Law at Lancaster University Law School, where he specialises in UK employment law and EU Labour law, with a particular emphasis on employee rights.

Childcare Choices and Costs
A practical guide to employment and tax issues
Alison Haynes
ISBNs: 978 1904905 29 5 (book)  or 978 1910151 21 1 (digital)
Price: £19.95/€27.95/$34.95
This book is primarily for parents looking for a source of information which compares the different types of childcare available in the UK. It provides information on the financial consequences, commitments and obligations that come with each of the different forms of childcare.
Employers should find the book useful because of the employment tax consequences of childcare benefits, and the variety of childcare concerns brought to HR, relating to a wide range of employees. Employers who value their employees and seek to be both considerate and fair will want to know how they can help in childcare matters in the most cost-effective and tax-efficient manner.

TUPE: Law & Practice (4th edition)
Wyn Derbyshire and Stephen Hardy

Paperback     £65.00
9781907444821 | Published: 21 February 2014

Electronic book text  £65.00
9781904905592 | Published: 12 February 2014
A cascade of TUPE cases, notably on the service provision change, and the subsequent enactment of the Collective Redundancies and the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 by the UK Government, have made necessary this fourth edition of TUPE: Law & Practice.
The new 2014 TUPE Amendment Regulations, in force from 31 January 2014, are intended to clarify the issues raised by recent cases and also to reduce the burdens on employers of small enterprises.
This guide provides analysis of all aspects of TUPE in light of the changes made by the new 2014 TUPE Amendment Regulations and recent case law including:

  • the scope to “service provision changes” (i.e. outsourcing/contracting-out and in), as well as clarification of the nature of TUPE transfers;
  • key changes relating to transfer dismissals and changes to terms and conditions;
  • pensions obligations under TUPE and the impact of the new auto-enrolment regime;
  • clarified ‘joint‘ consultation rights;
  • the confusing application of TUPE where the transferor is insolvent.

Lawyers, politicians and policymakers, HR practitioners, as well as academics, will find this book brings them up to speed on all aspects of TUPE. This book aims to keep pace with recent changes, providing practical advice and cutting edge analysis.
About the authors:  Prof. Stephen Hardy is a barrister and Diamond Jubilee Professor of Law at Bolton Business School and co-author of European Employment Laws (Spiramus). Dr Wyn Derbyshire is a partner and Head of Pensions at King & Wood Mallesons LLP.

European Employment Laws - A comparative guide (2nd edition)
Stephen Hardy and Mark Butler

This book reviews the evolution of labour law within the EU, analyses the distinct regional approaches to employment and welfare, and looks at the pressures for change within a further enlarged EU. The authors then provide an outline of employment law in each of the 28 member states (including Croatia which joined the EU in 2013), and in Turkey (an aspirant member state). It is intended for HR persons, lawyers looking for basic knowledge, policymakers & lawmakers elsewhere in EU, and EU bodies.

Paperback £59.95
9781904905615 | Published: January 2011

Electronic book text £59.95
9781907444258 | Published: December 2010

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