MyHMCTS Portal

This page is designed to update members on issues which are raised by HMCTS with ELA. Members are invited to contact ELA on myhmctsfeedback [at] and we shall, so far as we are able, attempt to escalate and raise the issue with HMCTS.


  • It has recently come to our attention that trades’ unions or charities with in-house legal teams have been told that they are not permitted to access the My HMCTS portal. We have made representations on behalf of our members that this is unacceptable and are pushing for a resolution of the issue. The short-term current work-around is for an in-house lawyer to select the option “I’m making a claim for someone else and acting as their representative”. This will then triage them to the existing non-reform service and be able to submit the claim that way. Such bodies won’t be prevented from submitting claims, but those claims will, for now, proceed on the legacy service.
  • We have asked HMCTS to provide a simple system for Members to find out if they have previously been registered in the system.
  • The member concerned could not get beyond a looping whereby he was simply given the code page again and again. He solved his problem by using a different browser. HMCTS also informed us of a way to prevent this issue