ELIPS litigants

Important notice to ELIPS clinic users:

We are delighted to announce that, following the success of the Online Employment Tribunal Litigant in Person Support Service (Online ELIPS), we will be continuing to run online clinics (usually held on the first and third Thursday of every montph) from April 2021 until further notice.

The clinic will be available to litigants who:

  • Are involved in a live claim in the following Employment Tribunals:

          - London Central
         -  Bristol
         -  Manchester
Midlands West
     -  Leeds

  • Have either a hearing, a case management order or judicial mediation with which to comply within 2 weeks of the clinic date (e.g. for the clinic on 2 December 2021 only those with hearings or case management order on or before 16 December will be eligible)
  • Have the ET1, ET3, and any case management order or notice of hearing readily available.

ELIPS volunteers provide support in the form of one-off advice on the day of the clinic.  In the current climate, we are not able to offer representation at hearings.

If you meet these criteria, please email the Pro Bono Administrator at elips@elaweb.org.uk two weeks prior to the date of the clinic. If there are spaces available, you will be contacted

Further information for potential clients is available here

Information for ELIPS volunteers

Sources of legal advice and assistance

Privacy notice for Employment Tribunal Litigants in Person (LIPs)