Dispute resolution in England and Wales: Call for Evidence

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The ELA Legislative & Policy (L&P) Committee is currently preparing to respond to a call for evidence issued by The Ministry of Justice and would like to invite members to join the working party.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Lord Woolf’s seminal report on Access to Justice. The Ministry of Justice has expressed a commitment to making the justice system better able to resolve disputes without resort to litigation and is launching this call for evidence to inform the development of such an approach.

Further information about this call for evidence is available here

We would like to invite members to apply to join the ELA working party which will draft ELA’s submission. The working party will be chaired by Arpita Dutt and Esther Langdon, members of ELA’s L&P Committee. The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2021, and ELA’s response will need to be in final form for internal sign-off a week before.

Work on this will start immediately so members applying will need to have availability between now and 16 September. 

The working party meetings will take place between 1-2 pm on Zoom, on 25 August and 2 September 2021.

Please reply or use the email link below to apply to join the working party by 18 August 2021

Email us to apply to join the working party

Call for Evidence

Even if you are unable to join the working party, we would be delighted to receive any views or data in response to some or all of the questions, so that we can present as broad a response as possible in response to the call for evidence.  The full list of questions can be found here, and fall under the following headings:

  • Drivers of engagement and settlement;
  • Quality and outcomes
  • Dispute resolution service providers
  • Financial and economic costs/benefits of dispute resolution systems
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Public Sector Equality Duty

There is also space for any “Additional evidence” for anything else that you might consider relevant.

The call for evidence is limited to England and Wales. However, responses are very welcome from those based in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you are unable to join the working party, please reply or use the email link below to submit any responses by 13 September 2021.

Email us to submit any responses to this call for evidence

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