ELA response to Ethnicity Pay Reporting Consultation

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Government has published a consultation on Ethnicity Pay Reporting, seeking views on ethnicity pay reporting by employers. It sets out options and asks questions on what ethnicity pay information should be reported by employers to allow for meaningful action, and who should be expected to report.

The ELA L&P Committee is setting up a working party to respond to this consultation, co-chaired by Kiran Daurka (Leigh Day) and Robert Davies (Walbrook Law). We invite members to contact us if you are interested in joining this working party.
The deadline for submissions is 11 January. The bulk of the work will be undertaken from late October through to mid December. Our working party guidelines are below.

Please email us by Friday 19 October if you are interested in working on ELA’s response to this consultation.

Email us

Link to the consultation:

How ELA Working Parties operate:

A typical working party will organise its work by sharing out the consultation questions amongst the working party members. In this way, the work can be shared out evenly, and members can volunteer to take on as much or as little as they feel able to at the time. Each working party member will then draft a response to the question(s) they have agreed to take on, within the agreed timetable. The submission deadlines are often quite tight, so it is vital that everyone keeps to the timetable. The chair of the working party (who is almost always drawn from the Legislative & Policy Committee) will then pull the individual submissions together and edit them for consistency, ensuring that our submissions are politically neutral and address the concerns of both employees and employers.

Link to Working Party Guidelines


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