HMCTS Flexible Operating Hours Pilots - ELA response to consultation

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

As part of the programme of courts and tribunals reform, HMCTS is looking at options to use court rooms and hearing rooms at different times of day, outside the traditional hours of 10am-4pm. They have developed a small number of pilots to test these options, known as flexible operating hours pilots. HMCTS has published a prospectus which sets out plans for how the pilots are intended to operate. The pilots they have proposed will run in 11 out of c.2700 court rooms in England & Wales.

HMCTS welcomes feedback on the pilot proposals as set out in the prospectus. They have set out some broad questions on page 16, and also some detailed questions on pages 17 and 18 about possible additional pilots. HMCTS asks for feedback by 1st December 2017.

ELA will be responding to this consultation. If you are interested in joining the working party which ELA’s Legislative & Policy Committee is putting together, please email us by 5pm, Friday 3 November. Volunteers for this work will need to have availability to input during November.

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Link to HMCTS Prospectus on Flexible Operation Hours Pilots:

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