How to ensure the mediation is successful – in practical terms

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Mon, 11th Oct 2021
At your desk (National)
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At your desk
Camilla Palmer QC (Hon), Your Employment Settlement Service and Regional Employment Judge Wade
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13:00 - 14:00
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This session will focus on practical steps to ensure that a mediation is successful. It will be interactive and include discussion about:

  • Discussing mediation with your client and when to raise with the other party
  • What you can do in terms of preparation 
  • How to choose a mediator
  • What documents you need
  • The plenary and mediation statements
  • How can you help the mediator on the day
  • How can you help your client on the day
  • Schedules of loss and ‘the bartering’ 
  • The importance and timing of the first offer
  • The role of the non-financial aspects of the negotiation, for example an apology
  • Broaching the subject of a clean break
  • Breaking the deadlock
  • The pros and cons of online mediation versus in person mediations

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Unique, new mediation service - DRAW
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  • DRAW provides online mediation for London-based small employers/charities and employees.
  • An experienced mediator facilitates resolution of disagreements or disputes between employer and employee, or between 2 employees.  
  • Mediation can take place:  before, during or after a grievance; in the ACAS early conciliation period or during litigation.
  • There is no fee for the first 6 hours.

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