Sleep Well with Jen Christie part of ELA’s Wellbeing for Employment Lawyers Series

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Mon, 29th Nov 2021
at your desk (National)
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at your desk
Jen Christie, Rise Well
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12:00 - 13:00
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  • Free of charge

We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation epidemic, with the average sleep time reduced from 7.9 hours to 6.3 hours in the past 80 years. With far too many distractions and a culture that associates a lack of sleep with hard work and success, this is something that must be addressed.

This is a very practical session which will present advice and tips on how to optimise your sleep.

This webinar includes:

  • Your mentality towards sleep
  • Why sleep matters
  • The basic science you need to know about sleep
  • How much sleep we need
  • How to improve the quality and quantity of sleep

We are delighted to introduce our speaker, Jen Christie, who will lead this session. Jen is a clinically trained Wellbeing Coach and founder of Rise Well. She’s made it her mission to bring health and happiness to all levels of the workforce, as well as helping individuals on a one to one basis to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

This session will be chaired by Jessica Shemmings (ELA Pastoral Committee).

This session is free of charge to ELA members. If you are unable to make the date, please register if you would like to receive the ‘on demand’ recording of this webinar. Once you have booked, you will receive an email containing the login details for the online event, please contact us if you have any queries.