Challenging Employment Issues Cyber Security and Privacy

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Mon, 26 Feb 2018
London (National)
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Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
27 Sussex Place
Regent's Park
London NW1 4RG
Vijay Rathour, Partner, Digital Forensics Group, Grant Thornton UK LLP and Julian Wilson and Timothy Pitt-Payne, 11KBW,
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1.30pm for 2.00pm start to 5.15pm
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This course is aimed at mid-level to experienced practitioners and aims to provide an insight into some of the more complicated aspects of breach of confidence cases from a practical and legal perspective.  The course will consider the way in which confidential information is stored, including the risks presented by the modern workplace (home working, BYOD and the use of social media).  You will hear from a digital forensics expert about the immediate steps that an employer needs to take once a data breach is revealed.  The legal section of the course will provide an overview of injunctions before considering the criminal aspects of breach of confidentiality, such as the computer misuse act and the theft act, which may be less familiar to employment lawyers.  The course will conclude with a look at recent privacy cases and consider the extent to which an employer should avoid reviewing personal emails/messages when trying to track down confidential information.


From 1.30pm        

Practical and IT considerations
Vijay Rathour, Partner, Digital Forensics Group, Grant Thornton UK LLP

  • Where is your confidential information? 
    • We have now moved from hardcopy to much less identifiable means (e.g. databases, chat rooms (Stimpson v Citibank), what's app, linkedin etc)
    • People regularly work from home so may have hardcopy/softcopy confidential information at home
    • Bring Your Own Devices
  • How can you get it back?
    • IT (i.e. what an employer needs to do as immediate steps so as to preserve the status quo and not interfere with metadata etc, preservation, imaging and all the other wonderful things IT people can do now days like hacking!)
    • In litigation
    • From a 3rd party


Legal considerations
Julian Wilson and Timothy Pitt-Payne, 11KBW

  • Refresh on injunctions/dawnraids
  • Criminal Aspects such as:
    • Misuse Act
    • Theft Act
  • Database Rights
  • Deletion of information in breach of Court Order (OCS Group UK Ltd v Dadi and others)
  • Invasion of privacy – to what extent should an employer avoid looking at personal emails/messages etc?
    • Barbulescu v Romania
    • Simpkin v The Berkeley Group Holdings plc

Close of course