Length: 24 mins
Date of filming: 9 May 2017
Speaker: Sheila Fahy and Louise Skinner, Allen & Overy
This webinar was recorded on 12 April and the law is stated as at this date.

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Length: 96 mins
Date of filming: 20 Oct 2016
Speaker: Gareth Brahams, BDBF; Mark Hunt, BNY Mellon; Eleanor Mannion, Renfrewshire Council; Bronwyn McKenna, UNISON; Daniel Northall, Littleton Chambers; Jane Russell, Essex Court Chambers and Fraser Younson, Fraser Younson Legal

The ELA Annual Lecture for 2016 was dedicated to the historic decision to leave the EU and the fall out of that decision for our members and their clients. An expert panel was brought together to examine what clients and businesses were saying about the legal ramifications of unravelling 40 years of jurisprudence, how employment lawyers were responding and the direction of travel for employment regulation under the new Government.

Length: 66 mins
Date of filming: 14 Oct 2016
Speaker: Claire Darwin, Matrix Chambers and Annabel Mackay, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

This webinar highlights the development of discrimination law in the context of goods and services claims. This is an area in which employment lawyers are increasingly frequently asked to advise, as consumers become more aware of their rights under the Equality Act 2010.

Length: 60 mins
Date of filming: 6 Oct 2016
Speaker: Jason Galbraith-Marten QC, Cloisters

This webinar covers issues such as when will an employer be entitled to change terms unilaterally? How should employee’s agreement to new terms be sought? Introducing new restrictive covenants; collective consultation; when is it fair to dismiss for refusing to agree new terms?

Length: 57 mins
Date of filming: 30 Jun 2016
Speaker: Andrew Smith and Paul Nicholls QC, Matrix Chambers

This webinar covers issues such as who is a statutory director, directors’ duties under the statutory regime: sections 170 to 177 of the Companies Act 2006, circumstances under which fiduciary duties be imposed on employees who are not statutory directors, the practical significance of the distinction between a fiduciary and a ‘mere employee’ and remedies for breach of fiduciary duty

Length: 62 mins
Date of filming: 4 Mar 2016
Speaker: Laurie Anstis, Boyes Turner and James Laddie QC, Matrix Chambers

A talk covering the development of the implied term of trust and confidence, recent authorities on trust and confidence and Braganza and the development of an obligation of reasonableness.

Length: 78 mins
Date of filming: 19 Nov 2015
Speaker: Gareth Brahams, BDBF LLP and David Reade QC, Littleton Chambers

Webinar on TUPE covering topics such as restrictive covenants and the transfer, objections and the problem of assignment, the real scope of protection under TUPE 2014 for dismissals and variations and the application of TUPE to the members of an LLP

Length: 52 mins
Date of filming: 3 Nov 2015
Speaker: Sean Jones QC, 11 KBW

Sean Jones QC of 11 KBW has produced this webinar on Short Notice Advocacy specifically tailored to the Employment Tribunal Litigant in Person Scheme (ELIPS), our duty advocate scheme.

Length: 67 mins
Date of filming: 13 Apr 2015
Speaker: Caspar Glyn QC and Daniel Dyal, Cloisters

Caspar and Daniel will analyse where we are, suggest where we are going.They will consider the known unknowns and unknown unknowns and then chart a practical way forward for advisors.

Length: 61 mins
Date of filming: 12 Mar 2015
Speaker: Jan Gooding, Chair of Stonewall and Joanna Wade, Employment Judge at Central London Employment Tribunal

The ELA Annual Lecture was given by Jan Gooding, Chair of Trustees at Stonewall, the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity. The Lecture was chaired by EJ Joanna Wade, who brought her extensive legal and practical experience in discrimination law