ELA Annual Conference 2018 - Plenary session: The challenges of the modern workplace and its culture – is current employment law and practice fit for purpose?

Length: 90 mins

This film is a recording of the Plenary session on the challenges of the modern workplace and its culture at the ELA Annual Conference on 25 May 2018.

Panel Chair: Marian Bloodworth, Chair of ELA Training Committee; Kemp Little LLP

Schona Jolly QC, Cloisters
Schona works at the forefront, and intersection, of her principal areas of practice in equality, employment, civil liberties and human rights law, including international law. Her current work on the gig economy includes acting for the Deliveroo riders.

Dr Roger Miles, Doctor of Risk, UK Finance
Roger leads a financial sector-wide response to Conduct regulation, advising Boards on 'behavioural MI'. His research into human-factor risks is published globally.

Sasha Scott, Inclusive Group
Sasha runs the Inclusive Group team and is considered an international thought-leader on diversity, bias, inclusivity and managing psychological health. She understands the commercial drivers behind reducing bias within the workplace and the critical need to promote and sustain inclusive workplace cultures in order to attract and retain talent.

Keith Warburton, Global Business Culture
Keith is the founder of Global Business Culture and helps clients work effectively in global environments through developing greater levels of cultural fluency, improving their abilities to work in global virtual teams and by helping them successfully enter and grow in new markets.

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