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Length: 65 mins
Filmed: 22 Jul 2020
Speaker: Marco Sideri, Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci (Italy) Anders Etgen Reitz, IUNO (Denmark) William Wright, Fisher Phillips (US) Stephanie Chiu, Freshfields (Hong Kong) Moderator: Anna Birtwistle, Farrer & Co LLP

With employers the world over having to manage the impact of Covid-19 on their workforces, what can UK employment lawyers learn from the experiences of jurisdictions ahead of the UK in their journey back to the ‘new normal’?  A panel of employment experts covering the US, Europe, Nordics and Asia will discuss the range of approaches and measures adopted by overseas governments and share their perspectives on returning employees to work and what the future of the workplace may look like.

Length: 71 mins
Filmed: 14 Jul 2020
Speaker: Judge Barry Clarke, President of Employment Tribunals (England and Wales) and Judge Shona Simon, President of Employment Tribunal, Scotland

Judge Barry Clarke and Judge Shona Simon, respectively Presidents of Employment Tribunals in England and Wales and in Scotland, agreed to participate in a live national webinar for ELA members They summarised their collaborative response to the Covid-19 pandemic and discussed their shared ‘road map’ for listing and hearing cases in the remainder of 2020.

Length: 56 mins
Filmed: 20 May 2020
Speaker: Caspar Glyn QC, Cloisters, Beth Hale, CM Murray and Catrina Smith, Norton Rose Fulbright; Moderator: Aida Geragusian, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Caspar, Beth and Catrina examine the issues of returning to work including the law on health and safety, its interaction with Government guidance such as with PPE. They look, in particular, at the practical issues from an employment law perspective as to the duties on employers to assess risk, set up a safe system of work and and implement it. They also cover the rights and obligations of both employees and employers examining such issues as the use of public transport, social distancing, consultation, risk mitigation, refusing to work and data protection.

Length: 37 mins
Filmed: 15 May 2020
Speaker: Rebecca Tuck QC and Nadia Motraghi, Old Square Chambers

Employment lawyers are coming to terms with the dawning reality that homeworking will be the new normal for the months to come.  After initial efforts to make homeworking possible, ELA members will be keen to ensure that their ongoing homeworking practices are compliant with all relevant legal requirements as well as best practice.

Length: 48 mins
Filmed: 6 May 2020
Speaker: Mr Justice Choudhury, President of the EAT Co-Chairs: Nicholas Robertson, Mayer Brown and Diya Sen Gupta QC, Blackstone Chambers

In this joint ELA/ELBA webinar, Nicholas and Diya discuss with Mr Justice Choudhury, President of the EAT, recent EAT guidance and how EAT hearings are being conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Length: 52 mins
Filmed: 23 Apr 2020
Speaker: Judge Brian Doyle, President of Employment Tribunals in England and Wales, Judge Barry Clarke, Regional Employment Judge Fiona Monk, Acting Regional Employment Judge Lorna Findlay and Employment Judge Sian Davies.Chair: Daniela Mahapatra, NHS Wales

This is a webinar for ELA members who are interested in applying to become fee-paid Employment Judges and who wish to learn more about the role and the application process.

Length: 55 mins
Filmed: 15 Apr 2020
Speaker: Nicholas Robertson, Mayer Brown, Judge Shona Simon, President of the Employment Tribunal for Scotland and Judge Brian Doyle, President of the Employment Tribunals, England and Wales

In this podcast Nicholas Robertson, Head of Employment at Mayer Brown discusses the challenges faced by the Tribunal System during the current pandemic with Judge Shona Simon, President of the Employment Tribunal for Scotland and Judge Brian Doyle, President of the Employment Tribunals for England and Wales

Length: 56 mins
Filmed: 9 Apr 2020
Speaker: David Reade QC, Littleton Chambers and Robbie Sinclair, Allen & Overy

In this Coronavirus law update webinar, which was first broadcast on 9 April 2020, David and Robbie focus on some of the thorny issues of the day

Length: 42 mins
Filmed: 10 Oct 2019
Speaker: Christopher Stone, Devereux Chambers

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an introduction to the reforms that the Government is proposing to implement to the IR35 legislation on how contractors are engaged.

Length: 43 mins
Filmed: 25 Jul 2019
Speaker: Daniel Oudkerk QC

This webinar explores the Supreme Court decision in Egon Zehnder v Tillman, related cases and the wider implications.

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