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Length: 33 mins
Filmed: 17 May 2019

This podcast with Mr Justice Choudhury, President of the EAT, includes a discussion about the Employment Appeal Tribunal, some changes that may be coming and what the future might look like.

Length: 3 mins
Filmed: 16 Apr 2019

This video provides information on the Employment Tribunal Litigant in Person Support Scheme (ELIPS), a pro bono scheme to assist unrepresented litigants in Tribunal. It is similar to other schemes already successfully operated in the High Court and family court.

Length: 90 mins
Filmed: 23 May 2018
Speaker: Schona Jolly QC, Cloisters, Dr Roger Miles, Doctor of Risk, UK Finance, Sasha Scott, Inclusive Group and Keith Warburton, Global Business Culture

This film is a recording of the Plenary session on the challenges of the modern workplace and its culture at the ELA Annual Conference on 25 May 2018.

Length: 66 mins
Filmed: 13 Apr 2018
Speaker: Alasdair Friend, Abbiss Cadres and Ruth Buchanan, Ashurst LLP

This webinar on share-based incentives for employment lawyers covers an insight into why companies use employee share plans, some design and tax issues, an overview of the main types of plan and incentive issues on appointment and termination of listed company directors

Length: 29 mins
Filmed: 9 Mar 2018
Speaker: Stephen Ratcliffe, Baker & Mackenzie

In this webinar, Stephen Ratcliffe of Baker McKenzie takes us through the forthcoming changes to the taxation of termination payments which will take effect from 6 April 2018, as well as additional changes to NICs treatment which will apply from April 2019.  Note that this webinar has been recorded in advance of any substantive guidance from HMRC on the application of the new rules, so is subject to change once that guidance is published.

Length: 46 mins
Filmed: 9 Mar 2018
Speaker: Khurram Shamsee, DAC Beachcroft LLP and Akash Nawbatt QC, Devereux Chambers

Khurram and Akash consider how the General Data Protection Regulation will impact UK employers from 25 May 2018. The speakers explore the key challenges employers face to prepare for the practical application of the new law, from updating employee notices and dealing with extended data subject rights, to the difficulties of obtaining valid consent for processing employees' and workers' personal data. The webinar also considers the changing landscape on responding to Subject Access Requests following the decisions in four key cases handed down year by the Court of Appeal and High Court

Length: 65 mins
Filmed: 9 Mar 2018
Speaker: Nicholas Robertson, Head of UK Employment at Mayer Brown International LLP and Judge Brian Doyle, the President of Employment Tribunals, England and Wales

This podcast is a discussion with Judge Brian Doyle, the President of Employment Tribunals, England and Wales. The first half of the discussion covers how he became a tribunal judge, then the President and the work of Employment Judges within the existing tribunal system. The second half, which is in Part 2 of the podcast, is about the changes that are proposed to the tribunal system and Judge Brian Doyle's thoughts on what the tribunal system in the future might look like.  The host for the podcast is Nicholas Robertson, Head of Employment at Mayer Brown.

Length: 29 mins
Filmed: 26 Feb 2018
Speaker: Jennifer Haywood and John Machell QC, Serle Court Chambers

This webinar will look at common themes of dispute between LLP members and an LLP, challenges to an LLP member’s expulsion, age discrimination and compulsory retirement, repudiation of the LLP Agreement after Flanagan v Liontrust (and a comparison with the situation in general partnerships) and unfair prejudice and winding up petitions

Filmed: 15 Jun 2017

This conference was run by The Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation on 15 June 2017. ELA helped originate the conference and Jonathan Chamberlain of the ELA Legislative and Policy Committee chaired a session.

Length: 91 mins
Filmed: 24 May 2017
Speaker: Judith Freedman, Caspar Glyn QC, Will Hutton, Maria Ludkin, Jeremias Prassl

Our distinguished panel, offers its own perspective on how our employment and taxation laws could and should adapt to the changing workplace and behavioural patterns of the UK's working population.

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