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Length: 47 mins
Filmed: 20 Nov 2014
Speaker: Seán Jones, QC

Topics covered in this webinar include: the statutory right to holiday pay, a week’s pay for a week’s leave, working hours, what is included in pay.

Length: 56 mins
Filmed: 12 Sep 2014
Speaker: Richard O'Dair, 36 Bedford Road

This session considers whether a greater willingness to treat age discrimination as a full member of the discrimination law family can be discerned from the case law of the past two years, which would thus provide greater opportunity for recourse to victims of age discrimination.

Length: 50 mins
Filmed: 10 Feb 2014
Speaker: Jane Russell Essex Court Chambers, Daniel Oudkerk QC Essex Court Chambers

The session will cover: Ground of appeal,the law covering appeals, procedure for making an appeal (EAT), responding to an appeal (EAT), preparing for the appeal hearing, potential outcomes of appeal (EAT), cost implication of appeals (EAT) and further appeals.

Length: 33 mins
Filmed: 17 Dec 2013
Speaker: Daniel Stilitz QC

The enactment of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (“PIDA”) was designed to introduce important protection for those blowing the whistle to draw attention to wrongdoing discovered in the workplace.

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