ELA’s ‘21 Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge ©': Resources

The resources below are from ELA’s ‘21 Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge ©'. These are resources are publicly available and ELA is pleased to gather them here to make them accessible to all.

If your organisation would like to run your own challenge using these resources, you may do so, provided you acknowledge that this was the ‘ELA 21 Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge ©' and that you acknowledge in your materials  the founder of the 21 day challenge,
Dr Eddie Moore Jr, 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge — America & Moore (eddiemoorejr.com)

Day 1

How to be a true ally, with Obioma Ugoala
Watch or Listen (4 mins)

Day 2

About Race, with Reni Eddo-Lodge
Listen (25 mins)

Day 3 

Looking Like A Lawyer, an article by Tsedale M. Melaku
Read (8 mins):

Day 4

Black, British & Jewish, an article by Lara Monroe
Read (5 mins):
How I Celebrate Black History Month As A Black British Jew | HuffPost UK Life

Day 5

Time to Speak Out with Human rights lawyer Dexter Dias QC
Watch or listen (21 mins):

Day 6

White Privilege/There Are No Black People in Africa
Watch/Listen (3 mins)
What is white privilege? - BBC Bitesize
Read (5 mins)

Day 7

Death by 1000 Cuts
Watch (2 mins)

Day 8

You Clap For Me Now
Read (9 mins)

Day 9

Read (7 mins)

Day 10

Three Pounds in My Pocket
Listen - you have to create/sign in to your BBC Sounds account (28 mins)

Day 11

Speaking the Truth
Read (7 mins)

It’s Easier To Be A Parent This Morning
Read (3 mins)

Day 12

Race & the Employment Justice System
Read (7 mins)

Day 13

Letter to Zion
Read (11 mins)

Day 14

"Cause Maximum Disruption”
Leila Hassan Howe: ‘My life was made hell. You’d just hear a tirade against immigrants’ | Activism | The Guardian
Read (12 mins)

Day 15

Covid’s Racial Impact
Watch: Covid is running along racial lines - IPPR on Channel 4 News | IPPR
Watch (5 mins)

Ethnic inequalities in Covid-19 are playing out again – how can we stop them?
Read: Ethnic inequalities in Covid-19 are playing out again – how can we stop them?
Read (15 min)

Day 16

A Promised Land
Listen - you have to create/sign in to your BBC Sounds account (31 mins)
A Promised Land by Barack Obama - Barack Obama Talks to David Olusoga - BBC Sounds

Day 17

You Can’t be ‘Impartial’ About Racism
Read (5 mins)
You can’t be ‘impartial’ about racism – an open letter to the BBC on the Naga Munchetty ruling | BBC | The Guardian (ampproject.org)

Day 18

The Mangrove Nine
Listen (26 mins)
The story of the Mangrove Nin‪e

Day 19

Not-racist v anti-racist
Watch (3 mins)
Not-racist v anti-racist: what’s the difference?

Black Woman First, Then Athlete
Read (6 mins)
“I’ve Been A Black Woman Longer Than I’ve Been An Athlete”: Katarina Johnson-Thompson On Her Personal Battle Against Racism

Day 20

What is Racial Literacy?
Read (5 mins)
Racial Literacy: What does it mean?

Test Your Unconscious Bias
Read (10 mins)
Test your 'unconscious bias': How do you judge other people? | ITV News

Day 21

Black Doll White Doll
Watch (9 mins)
Doll Test - YouTube

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