ELA Diversity Statement

1. The Employment Lawyers Association (ELA) is committed to being an inclusive and non-discriminatory organisation. This statement sets out ELA's policy on equality and diversity in respect of its members. 

2. Membership of ELA is open to all qualified lawyers, foreign lawyers, trainee lawyers, lawyers engaged in research or teaching and members of the judiciary who meet ELA's membership criteria. These relate solely to the proportion of an individual's professional activities that relate to practising or involvement in employment law. No other selection criteria apply.

3. The benefits of membership include access to ELA Briefing, access to ELA's website, access to training organised by ELA (at an additional cost) and opportunities for networking with fellow employment lawyers at ELA organised events. Members may also volunteer to join ELA committees or to take part in work or activities organised or co-ordinated by those committees, such as responses to consultation exercises.

4. ELA will not discriminate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation (the "protected characteristics") in applications for membership, access to membership benefits or in relation to applications to join committees or to take part in committee organised work or activities.

5. ELA will not harass members or those seeking to become members.

6. Members will not be victimised in relation to membership arrangements or membership benefits, facilities or services if they do a protected act.

7. ELA recognises historic under-representation and participation of some groups and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity in relation to involvement in the work of ELA's committees. ELA is also aware of the need to ensure that events and speaker selection take account of the diverse nature of the membership.

8. ELA recognises its obligations to make reasonable adjustments for members with disabilities. When booking training facilities, ELA ensures that premises are accessible and have facilities for members with impairments. Further details are available on the ELA Website.

9. ELA will not tolerate a situation in which, at an ELA organised event or in the context of ELA organised work or activities, one member discriminates against another because of a protected characteristic or harasses another for a reason related to a protected characteristic. ELA reserves the right to terminate the membership of any ELA member who is found to have discriminated against or harassed another member.

10. If a member wishes to raise a complaint that he or she has been discriminated against and/ or harassed and/or victimised, by ELA or by another ELA member, he or she should email the ELA's Secretary with details of the complaint. The complaint will be referred to ELA's membership sub-committee, which comprises ELA's Secretary and two of Management Committee's members at large.

11. ELA's Management Committee has responsibility for and has approved this statement. It will be reviewed from time to time.

March 2019