Sources of legal advice and assistance

Please note that ELA accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever to those relying on public advice. ELA does not give legal advice and will not be checking the accuracy of, monitoring or updating information shared by any public body or any other third party.

This is a list of some organisations where you may be able to get free advice and/or representation. The organisations give different types of help. Some offer legal advice. Some may represent you at the hearing. Some only offer emotional support. The websites usually explain what kind of help can be given.

We cannot guarantee that any of these organisations will be able to help you. We are also not responsible for the content or quality of any advice or help which you do receive. Please note that the Tribunal does not delay cases to allow any extra time for you to get assistance.

Another possibility is that you can read a reliable written guide to the law and procedure, for example

If you cannot find any organisation to help you or you would prefer to represent yourself that is fine. The tribunal staff and Judges will do everything they can to ensure your case is given a fair hearing. You are also very welcome to go to the Tribunal to sit in on other hearings before yours begins so that you become familiar with the process; this can be very helpful.  However, the Employment Tribunal cannot give you legal advice or advice on how to conduct your case. The Employment Tribunal website has useful information and can be accessed at

Dealing with any kind of litigation can be overwhelming and difficult. We have listed below some contact information should you or anyone you know need it. It is important to know that you are not alone and there is always someone there who can listen and who can help.

Non-legal sources of support

Samaritans: Call 116 123

NHS: Call 111
NHS Mental Health Support

Mind Infoline: 0300 123 3393

Saneline: 0300 304 3000 (4pm-10pm)
SANE line

SHOUT Text Service: 85258

Legal sources of support

The President of Employment Tribunals has issued guidance on preparing for cases, which can be downloaded from here

You may wish to consider the following information provided by public bodies:

Workplace experts providing free impartial information and advice to employers and employees.

Advice Local
Help with benefits, work, money, housing problems and more

Advice Now
Provides signposting to useful information on Employment Tribunal procedures

May offer free representation at the tribunal hearing. You cannot approach them direct - you will need a referral from an advice agency (such as ELIPS), a solicitor or your MP

Citizens Advice
The address of your local Citizens Advice is available on their website. There is a reliable written guide to the law and procedure and very clear help on all work-related issues and practical advice, (e.g. how to write a Schedule of Loss);

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission or Equality Advisory and Support Service -  EHRC Guidance on sexual harassment and harassment in the workplace There is also a short guide for employers and a video on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace;

HMRC Statutory Payments Dispute Team (T: 0300 0560 630) For payments of Statutory Maternity Pay/Adoption Pay/Paternity Pay/Shared Parental Pay or Statutory Sick Pay when your employer is insolvent or refusing to pay;

Insurance If you have household, car or other insurance cover, it may include legal expenses insurance, which can cover an employment tribunal case and some solicitors, barristers or other representatives offer a ‘no win, no fee’ service;

LawWorks LawWorks Clinics Network is a nationwide network of free legal advice sessions supported by LawWorks;

Legal aid You may be entitled to legal aid if you are an individual.Information about legal aid can be found on the Government website;

Protect (formerly Public Concern at Work)
Protect offer free expert and confidential advice on how best to raise your concern and your protection as a whistleblower at work

Rights of Women Organisation giving free legal advice to women in England and Wales experiencing sexual harassment in work;

Sources of information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Streetlaw provides free online information sessions about the Employment Tribunal procedure.   

How does it work? Students volunteer to deliver free presentations to individuals who are in need of legal information about the Employment Tribunal and how it operates. These can be booked via the following links:

6th March: 

13th March:

Trade Union or employers’ federation If you are a member you can find out whether they can offer you assistance;

WorkSMART  Information about employment rights and calculators for wages and redundancy pay

These are other potential source of help in the regions in which ELIPS operates.

(Please note that some of these services may not be operating at the present time).